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Iltom Group can boast a technical department with highly-skilled personnel who study and program the entire production cycle using SOLID EDGE, AUTOCAD 2012, CAD ESAY PROCESS, CADMAN B-3D, DRAFT SIGHT, EASY PLANNING VERSION 11.C1, PSM JETCAM/JOC, NCEXPRESS (FINPOWER), TOP SOLID, ACTCUT (TRUMPFT500), VMWARE PLAYER, OCTAL, SOLID WORK, PUNCH5  software to draw up the bill of materials inside the management software (SAP) and using specific tools such as, METALDESIGNER, METALSTUDIO (SALVAGNINI), CAL to program the production machines.

Thanks to the hardware the Hardware/Software tools, the constant technological development and search for innovation of our technicians the production cycle is fully computerized and constantly monitored. Moreover, our technical department is capable of developing new technological solutions together with the clients aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of parts produced.


  • Punching & laser cutting

    Punching & laser cutting


  • Bending


  • Assembly


  • Mounting & Wiring

    Mounting & Wiring

  • Coating


  • Stamping


  • Screen printing

    Screen printing

  • Storage & transport

    Storage & transport

  • sumisura pms logo
    Maintenance & storage customized solutions
  • Design and manufacturing of stamping dies