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Iltomgroup’s sheet metal bending departments can offer different types of working thanks to their diverse machinery fleet consisting of:

Automatic bender:
bending operations are fully automated just like the material loading/unloading, which makes it ideal for components with lots of bends and large-lot productions.

Semi-automatic electric bender:
this machine allows changing programs in very little time (1 to 5 minutes) which makes it ideal for small-lot productions. 

Manual press-brake machines:
a feather in the cap of the departments, thanks to the personnel’s high degree of professionalism and the sophisticated tool warehouse, we can carry out even the most complicated bends (each machine is provided with its tool warehouse).
The fully automated robot, allows bending up to 20 Kg for dimensions of 3,000 mm x 800 mm (300mm x 300mm EG6013AR).



Society Typology
ILTOM spa HG1003 ATC
ILTOM spa HG1003 bending robot ARS
ILTOM spa EG6013 bending robot AR
Paillet Industrie HG1003 ATC
CMA Industrie HG1003 ATC
Lombardini Carpenteria HG1003 ATC
ILTOM spa Manual press-brake machine
Bresto France Manual press-brake machine HFE
Abbax France Manual press-brake machine
Franciamet Manual press-brake machine


Society Typology
ILTOM spa P2 Lean
ILTOM spa B3
Bresto France P2 Lean
CMA Industrie Robot Pliage
Paillet Industrie P4-2512


Society Typology
ILTOM spa EB Express Bend
ILTOM spa EP-1030E


Society Typology
ILTOM spa Manual press-brake machine
Paillet Industrie Manual press-brake machine
CMA Industrie Manual press-brake machine
Abbax France Manual press-brake machine
Fraven Manual press-brake machine
Franciamet Manual press-brake machine
Lombardini Carpenteria Manual press-brake machine



  • Punching & laser cutting

    Punching & laser cutting


  • Bending


  • Assembly


  • Mounting & Wiring

    Mounting & Wiring

  • Coating


  • Stamping


  • Screen printing

    Screen printing

  • Storage & transport

    Storage & transport

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    Maintenance & storage customized solutions
  • Design and manufacturing of stamping dies